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Winners are 
lostravens, artmoon18 , julesdadrawer
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Since I hit 10,000 watchers last week I'll be giving away one month Premium memberships to three lucky watchers.

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Winners will be announced Friday, May 5th
:heart: Good luck! :clap:
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Yep, you read the title right! We're going to be doing a core giveaway every single Sunday in our discord for my watchers, for the entire month of May! 

and a smaller DeviantART exlcusive free core giveaway! (details lower in journal)

Discord is a free-to-use chat client (like skype, sorta) where I, and our moderators run! (mostly me though)
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Honestly it's just really fun being a part of a community with other supportive artists here on DA, and we just wanna get some more nice, like-minded people in here with us -- so we're doing a fun giveaway. :3

So how do I join? --  This link takes you directly to our server! :3
Discord requires no dow
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I am short on money and along with this my mom's health has recently gone down rapidly they think she may not make it past June. But I am in need of a little help. Thanks so much to who ever donates, it means alot. Also add your points here when I do a payed requested.

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Mlp art
I have opened commissions due to request. I am fairly new to this so please don't get made at me if I mess up. But I will be making anywhere from refs to just simple oc's.


When our spirits collide
I did spirit because I could make the sexuality
I am, which is Bisexual. And I made it with a base by glittery bases
and just let my imagination take place. I hope it turned out alright.
I am over all pretty happy with it. 

Hope you all enjoy!!

Also, always remember LOVE IS LOVE and no one can change that, its how you feel, not how you act. <3
Hey guys! 
Sorry for my resent inactivity with posting just been really busy with friends and family. 
This beaut is my newest oc who I will be using more often. I may make another one similar to her.
Her name mines strong fighter and I wanted something different that showed my punk side I got from my momma!
I got my country side from my uncle who is like a dad to me so I have some punk in me c:
But I hope you all enjoy!
Base belongs to Artytrash (will get link when I can so sorry for adding a link)
Please don't trace or copy!
Love ya'll!! 

001. real name: Hayley
002. nickname: Hayhay, Haybay
003. zodiac sign: Sqorpio 
004. male or female: Female
005. elementary: Hell nah
06. middle school: Thank god thats over
007. high school: Yes
008. hair color: Chestnut with bright blond highlights
009. long or short: Medium
010. loud or quiet: Loud 
011. sweats or jeans: Jeans
012. phone or camera: Both
013. health freak: Depends 
014. drink or smoke: Damn right I'd drink (if I could;-;)
015. do you have a crush on someone: Um ya, my boyfriend?
016. political orientation: Ya no
017. piercings: Normal and soon to have another ear piercing
018. tattoos: None as of right now, going to get one soon

019. airplane: Yes and I hate them
020. car accident: Yes my gosh
021. first fight: Damn had to of been in the thrid grade when a kid slapped me and called me a bitch. Left a bruise on his nuts )if he had any) and a black eye. Rednecks know how to fight.
022. first piercing: When I was 2 mounths
023. first best friend: Jem(she doesn't have deviant art)
024. first instrument: Flute
025. first award: Volleyball, won at state 
026. first crush: Noah who I dated for seven years then broke up with and now Im with his best friend. Makes sence right?
027. first language: English 
028. first big vacation: Disneyworld

029. last person you talked to: Jem
030. last person you texted: Jem
031. last person you watched: Uhhhhhh
032. last food you ate: Watermelon baby
033. last movie you watched: Don't Breathe
034. last song you listened to: Sucker for pain
035. last thing you bought: Cat collars
036. last person you hugged: My momma

037. food(s): All
038. drinks: Tea
039. clothing: Jeans, Boots, a Cut-off, and my boyfriends hoodie
040. book: Beatuy and The Beast
041. color: Teal
042 flower: Roses
043: music: Country 
044. movie: Fox and the Hound
045. shoes: Boots but I mostly go barefoot
046. subjects: Science

047. [] kissed in the snow 
048. [X] celebrated halloween
049. [X] has your heart broken 
050. [X] went over the minutes on your cellphone 
051. [X] someone questioned your sexual orientation 
052. [] came outta the closet
053. [] got pregnant 
054. [] had an abortion
055. [X] did something you've regretted
056. [X] broke a promise 
057. [X] kept a secret
058. [X] pretended to be happy 
059. [X] met someone who changed your life
060. [X] pretended to be sick
061. [] left the country 
062. [X] tried something you normally wouldn't like and liked it.
063. [X] cried over the silliest thing 
064. [x] ran a mile
065. [] went to the beach
066. [] stayed single 

067. eating: Watermelon
068. drinking: Tea
069. getting ready to: Pass out of boredem 
070. listening to: Secret 
071. plans for tomorrow/today: Sleep and Talk to my Baby <3
072. waiting for: My life to come back OH WAIT I NEVER HAD ONE C,:

073. want kids: Hell yes
074. want to get married: I plan on it
075. careers in mind: Zooligist 
076. lips or eyes: Eyes
077. shorter or taller: tall
078. romantic or spontaneous: Romanic as a redneck gets 
079. nice stomach or nice arms: Both
080. sensitive or loud: Loud by god
081. hookup or relationship: Relationship
082. troublemaker or hesitant: Troublemaker and by damn I am good at it

083. lost glasses/contacts: Yes, my boyfriend laughed at me I punched him
084. ran away from home: I ran like outside the door but it was night so it was scary
085. held a weapon: Damn right
086. killed somebody: Ya no I mean if you count a deer then yes, yes I have. And it made good jerky c:
087. broken someone's heart: Yes..
088. been arrested: Hella no

090. yourself: Damn right
091. miracles: Yes
092. love at first sight: Well, it happened to me so yes
093. heaven: Yep
094. santa claus: Used to until like last year when my mom just flat out said Im santa
096. magic: Depends

097. is there one person you want to be with right now?: My Lee Bear <3
098. are you seriously happy where you are with in life right now: I guess
099. do you believe in god: Yes
100. post as 100 truths and tag 5 people: Um mkay, Me, Myself, and I well thats three good enough!
Sisters Before Misters
Just a contribute to someone who is more than just a best friend, she is like a sister and will always have a place in my heart. We get in trouble together, we laugh together, we cry in each others arms and most of all we love each other. I will always love her dearly. Some may say I love her in a different way then JUST a sister, and maybe they are right but I don't care she is the only one who I love more than anyone in the world. We stick together through thick and thin. We fight, side by side never surrendering. This person will always be my Jem and will always be my sister. We look out for each other every step of the war we call life. I may have my issues but you fix them and I fix yours. You helped me find a true love, you push me to go great things. Some say she is a bad influence and I shouldn't be around her, but I know in my heart she is who she is and I am who I am and no one can change that, meaning our hearts fit together as one. When one is away we only have half of a heart, which bleeds our love until we reunite once more. I hope you understand the love I put out there for you and I see the love you put out for me. I love you, Jem. <3


( P.S. If you are the owner of this base please note me and I will credit you, I would have if I wouldn't have gotten it off Google and wasn't able to find your DA. So if you own the base please contact me I hate not crediting people for their lovely LOVELY bases. Thanks c: )


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I am a redneck sweetheart who loves frenchtoast, sweet tea, boots, mud, and country music. I may also be a little bit addicted to foxes.. But my boyfirend says I like foxes cause I am a foxy person ;) Anywho I love to draw and hang with my group of friends who are also redneck idiots like me XD


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